Cladding your house can be a cost effective way to transform or modernise your property, and can also add extra insulation.

We can offer a range of different colours. If you would like us to send an assessor to talk about the possibility of a new cladding installation for your home, we will send a member of staff who will be able to give you advice on all of the options available, and then give you a firm price.

A caption about the type of rubberbond roofing this actually is.

PVCu Cladding

PVC is a durable thermoplastic which offers a low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber cladding. It comes with a 10-year guarantee and is available in a range of colours and finishes. PVC cladding is an ideal substitute for timber cladding; it will not discolour, retains its appearance, is virtually maintenance free and is weather resistant.

Marley Cedral Cladding

Cedral weatherboard is made of a sturdy fibre cement,  and has the life expectancy of  least 50 years. Cedral lap is low in maintenance, rot free  and immune to attack by pests and insects. Available in a range of 21 colours. If you're looking for a more seamless finish then there is also a Cedral Click system on offer, with the same fantastic benefits. 


Benefits of cladding

  1. Virtually maintenance free

  2. Stands up to the harshest weather conditions.

  3. Can modernise or transform the look of your home

A little more information about rubberbonding

Cladding Gallery

Recent cladding jobs, before and after.